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Exceptional Haskell by Matt Parsons

Pexels Photo 574070

Let's dive into Haskell's varying methods of error handling.

At LambdaConf, Software Engineer Matt Parsons got us ready for anything that Glasgow Haskell Compiler throws at us and at the end of this talk you might find that you won't see those exceptions as quite so difficult!


Exceptional Haskell

Move over, monads, the real hard part of Haskell is here: exceptions! Haskell's runtime system supports advanced asynchronous exceptions, and while these enable some awesome programming idioms, they can be really difficult to understand. We're going to dive into Haskell's varying methods of error handling, from Either to classy prisms to IO, exploring the tradeoffs and advantages to different approaches. 
At the end of the talk, you'll be ready to handle anything GHC throws at you.

This talk was given by Matt Parsons at LambdaConf 2018