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Effects types in Scala - How to choose one by Alexandre Bergeron

Pexels Photo 356079

What are the current options when building programs and managing effects in the type system?

At Scale by the BayAlexandre Bergeron helped us decide how to choose one and what the differences are between options!


Effects types in Scala - How to choose one

The Scala community has been interested in representing asynchronous computations through the type system for a long time. While Scala provides you with a well-supported Future implementation, both the Typelevel and Scalaz communities are working towards their own implementation of an IO. This leads to a lot of friendly competition between these libraries, leading to major improvements of their performance.
This talk will present the current options available to build programs and manage effects in the type system, their difference from a developer perspective, their usage in the wider community, and how one can decide which implementation to use.
This talk was given by Alexandre Bergeron at Scale by the Bay 2018.