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8 Akka anti-patterns you'd better be aware of by Manuel Bernhardt

Pexels Photo 691710

What are the most common anti-patterns related to Akka usage?

At Scala Days Copenhagen, Software Consultant, Manuel Bernhardt gave us insight on the Akka anti-patterns that we really should be aware of as well as the appropriate solutions for each of these!


8 Akka anti-patterns you'd better be aware of

Abstract: CAUTION: If you are responsible for an Akka system deployed to production, attending this talk may cause intense moments of self-doubt, stress and possibly panic. 
Akka is a toolkit for building highly concurrent and distributed applications on the JVM using the actor model. Given the prevalence of frameworks over toolkits and models in the industry, it is easy to forget that the former will not prevent you from using them in any way you please – including ways that are possibly suboptimal or perhaps even harmful. 
In this talk, you'll learn about a few of the most common anti-patterns related to Akka usage. You'll also get to know about alternative and more appropriate solutions to use for each one of those anti-patterns. It should be noted that these suboptimal uses of Akka are not merely theoretical ponderings but real and recurring observations that the speaker made during a range of consulting projects.

This talk was given by Manuel Bernhardt at Scala Days Copenhagen 2017.