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ZIO Schedule: Conquering Flakiness and Recurrence with Pure Functional Programming by John De Goes

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Helping the Scala community to grow is one of our biggest aims, therefore, organising a platform where new skills can be learnt is of paramount importance and this is exactly what Scala in the City is intended to be, a relaxed and fun environment for engineers to network and learn. 

Recently we were so incredibly proud to have Entrepreneur, functional programmer, OSS contributor, speaker and author, John De Goes present at our October Scala in the City at the Sky Offices. John gave an engaging talk on ZIO Schedule and how it can combat the messy details of real-world programming.

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ZIO Schedule: Conquering Flakiness and Recurrence with Pure Functional Programming
As professional software engineers, sometimes messy details of the real world stand in the way of us delivering principled software. Flaky connections, unreliable services, and bulletproof job scheduling in the presence of non-determinism and failure all tricky problems that discourage us from writing principled software. Yet sometimes the shortcuts we take to solve these problems result in downtime for the business and sleepless nights for us. 
In this brand-new presentation, created exclusively for Scala in the City, John A. De Goes will show how functional programming can help bring order to even the most chaotic systems. Using ZIO, a new zero-dependency Scala library for building massively scalable asynchronous and concurrent applications, John will demonstrate how functional programming leverages reified effects and algebras to solve the trickiest of reliability and scheduling problems in a principled, composable, flexible way.