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ZIO: Next-Generation Effects in Scala by John A De Goes

Pexels Photo 373543

Have you had much experience using the ZIO library?

The Scalaz 8 effect system has continued rapidly evolving and been pulled out into the ZIO library. Scala IO France attendees were lucky to get exclusive insight from John De Goes on the practicality of ZIO, John teaches how to embrace a functional way of solving the hard problems you encounter. 


A year ago at ScalaIO, John A. De Goes revealed the design of the Scalaz 8 IO monad in an epic standoff between Cats Effect and Scalaz 8 IO that became known as the #ClashOfIOs. Now, one year later, the ecosystem has been forever altered, as the event inspired other projects to adopt some of the Scalaz 8 design decisions. 
Since that date, the Scalaz 8 effect system has continued rapidly evolving. The system has been pulled out into ZIO, a standalone library with no dependencies. A new bifunctor design allows typed error handling; performance has been improved further; the error model refined to precision; the code battle-hardened; and new primitives have been introduced for composable, type-safe, leak-free, and high-performance concurrency. 
In this presentation created exclusively for ScalaIO, John A. De Goes presents the latest work on finalizing the effect system. John takes attendees on a tour that reveals the beauty and the practicality of ZIO, and challenges attendees to embrace a functional way of solving the hard problems they encounter at work—without compromising performance or principles.
This talk was given by John De Goes at ScalaIO France.