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The Dramatic Consequences of the Open Source Revolution by Heather Miller

Pexels Photo 160107

There can be some challenges with Open Source Revolution, but what are they?

Scala Contributor, Heather Miller at LX Scala discussed the unrecognized challenges, FLOSS and the Scala community. There is so much to learn in this talk so let's get stuck in...


In this LX Scala opening keynote, Heather Miller describes the unrecognized challenges involved in the Open Source revolution. She discusses FLOSS, issues with support, and how more companies should allow their engineers to contribute to FLOSS. 

Heather also stresses the need to expand the Scala community and how the Scala Center is proposing to do that with initiatives such as the Scala Center “Sprees” - hackathons with the goal of culminating in approved PRs.

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This talk was given by Heather Miller at LX Scala.