Supporting the Scala Ecosystem: Stories from the Line by Justin Pihony


From simple Scala compilation issues to complex Akka performance puzzles, Lightbend has seen it all!

One Engineer, in particular, knows a lot about the Scala Ecosystem. Software Journeyman, Justin Pihony at Scala Days took us on a journey around the various issues he comes across including Akka Cluster and SecurityException.

Supporting the Scala Ecosystem: Stories from the Line 

At Lightbend we have handled over 10,000 customer support cases ranging from simple Scala compilation issues to complex Akka performance puzzles. Supporting Scala and its largest libraries has resulted in some really interesting issues, such as:

  • a seemingly valid cast leading to a ClassCastException
  • handling external communication with Akka Cluster
  • a subtle workaround to a SecurityException bug in Play

About Justin Pihony 

Justin is a software journeyman, continuously learning and honing his skills. He is currently using his knowledge to provide developer support at Lightbend. As much as he loves to learn, he also loves to spread his knowledge through teaching and helping others. He has authored three online courses for Pluralsight, including a Spark Fundamentals one, is one of the top Spark answerers on StackOverflow, and organizes the Pittsburgh Scala meetups.

This talk was given by Justin Pihony at Scala Days 2019.