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Signify Sunday Reads August 25 Week #4

Bookcase Books Bookshelf 2765617

It's a sunny Sunday here in London and it's even better as we have our Sunday Reads ready for you, let's check them out!

Sunday Reads

Our first post is from Chris Birchall, Software Engineer. This post is called scala-typed-holes.

Our second read is from Martin Odersky, creator of Scala. This post is called Allow significant indentation syntax

Our third read is from Adam Warski, SoftwareMill CTO. This post is called Bootzooka 2019: functional Scala and React.

Our fourth read is from Alex Nedelcu, Software Developer. This post is called Scala's isInstanceOf is an Anti-Pattern.

Our fifth read is from Taro L. Saito, Software Engineer. This post is called AirSpec: Writing Tests As Plain Functions in Scala.

Our final post is from Russ Olsen, VP at Cognitect. This post is a talk from Russ at GOTO called Functional Programming in 40 Minutes.

Don't miss out on all the reads from last week, catch up here.

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