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Signify Sunday Reads August 11 Week #2

Art Blur Book Bindings 1090941

Happy Sunday!

We hope you're ready to catch up on all the Scala, Haskell and Functional Programming articles from the week so let's get started.

Sunday Reads

Our first read is from Andrzej Ludwikowski, Scala Engineer. The post is called When do you need Akka Cluster?

Our second read is from Alvin AlexanderThis post is called A Scala “functional programming style” To-Do List application.

Our third read is from Marcin Rzeźnicki, Senior Scala Developer. This post is called Benchmarking Functional Error Handling in Scala.

Our fourth read is from Eren Avşaroğulları, Data Engineer. This post is called Akka Actor System Health Check.

Our fifth read is from Eric Stokes, Data Scientist. This post is called Introduction to Scala.

Our final read is from Marco Lopes, Scala Engineer. This post is called Vim and Haskell in 2019.

Don't miss out on all the reads from last week, catch up here.

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