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Monad Trasformers for the working programmer by Gabriele Petronella

Pexels Photo 160107

What are monad transformers? How can we use them effectively?

Let's narrow this down! Check out Software Engineer, Gabriele Petronella's talk from Scala Swarm and solve your “effect stacking” problem.


Monad Trasformers for the working programmer

Monad Transformers. “WAT?” “Exactly” 
In this session we’ll see what monad transformers are, where their need comes from and how to use them effectively We’ll walk through this rather complicated topic guided by real-life examples, with the noble intent of making our code more readable, maintainable and pleasant to work with. Finally we’ll see how Monad Transformers are just one of possible tools to solve the “effect stacking” problem and hint at other possible solutions. 
WARNING! This talk contains slides that some viewers may find disturbing, most of them containing words like “monad” and/or “functors”. Listener discretion advised



This talk was given by Gabriele Petronella at Scala Swarm