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Implementing the Saga Pattern with Akka by Matt Roberts

Stained Glass Spiral Circle Pattern 161154

Do you know how to implement the Saga Pattern? Implementing it with akka -cluster, akka-cluster-sharding and akka-persistence allows you to write services that respond in effectively constant time!

At Scala in the City, Lead Consultant Matt Roberts took us through the Akka journey and don't worry if you aren't an Akka expert, you will find all you need to know here.


Implementing the Saga Pattern with Akka
I will demonstrate how to implement the saga pattern with akka-cluster, akka-cluster-sharding and akka-persistence. The saga pattern lets you implement business requirements that would normally be implemented with SQL-like transactions using a combination of application code that embraces eventual consistency and a No-SQL database of your choosing instead. This allows us to write services that respond in effectively constant time with low latencies at web-scale (i.e. performance does not degrade with the number of users). It does, however, require additional application logic to implement. Fortunately, some of that logic has already been written by the Akka team for us in akka-cluster, akka-cluster-sharding and akka-persistence. If you haven’t used these parts of Akka before then don’t worry - I will assume zero-knowledge of these libraries!


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