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Exploring Scala Tooling ecosystem by Jeferson David Ossa

Pexels Photo 220639

Explore build tools!

At Typelevel SummitJeferson David Ossa explored and compared different build tools focusing on LSP/BSP implementations. If you're familiar with Scala and Dotty then this will be an interesting one talk for you...



Exploring Scala Tooling ecosystem

We are going to explore and compare some build tools with special focus on LSP/BSP implementations, IDEs and text editor support. To help the audience’s judgement about the tools that are suitable for their particular needs this talk aims to get attendees familiar with terms like SemanticDB, Metals, Bloop, SBT, Pants, Bazel, Ensime, IntelliJ IDE, Scala IDE, Dotty IDE and other honorific mentions.

This talk was given by Jeferson David Ossa at Typelevel Summit