Pexels Photo 1290141

Cats MTL in action by Jamie Pullar

Pexels Photo 1290141

It's always of use to learn about different libraries and how they can be of benefit to you. One interesting library to use is cats MTL and in this talk from Software Architect Jamie Pullar at Scala in the City he gives us an overview of how to best use cats MTL and how it brings a heightened level of abstraction and composability. 

Watch the talk below.



Cats MTL in action

At Concentra they have used abstract MTL patterns in their production service architecture for a number of years now. They are currently migrating across to the cats.mtl library which brings with it a heightened level of abstraction and composability whilst removing a lot of previously required boiler plate. In this talk Jamie will give a brief overview of how to use cats mtl. Extol the benefits of implementing such an architecture. Share some of the more interesting consequences, as well as how they have resolved various challenges along the way. 

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