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A Crash Course in Category Theory by Bartosz Milewski

Pexels Photo 355948

Need a crash course in Category Theory?

Well, we've got one for you.

Check out this awesome talk from Software Architect, Bartosz Milewski at F(by) Conference and find out how interesting it is, also did you know that both category theory and programming are built on the principle of composability making them a close fit!


A Crash Course in Category Theory

Programming is math and math is programming. But the kind of math that's useful in programming is not what they teach you in school. In fact it's much more interesting. Category theory seems to be esoteric when presented by mathematicians, because all their examples come from other branches of mathematics. But when you use examples from programming, things suddenly becomes quite obvious. And the reason there is such a close fit between category theory and programming is quite simple: both are built on the principle of composability.

About Bartosz Milewski

Bartosz has a Ph D in theoretical physics but his interests led him to study programming, computer science, and mathematics. His blog posts cover wide areas of C++, Haskell, and category theory. His lectures on concurrent programming, Haskell, and category theory are available on YouTube. He has recently finished the online book, Category Theory for Programmers.

This talk was given by Bartosz Milewski at f(by) Conference 2017.