Writing tests when the code is already there: Golden Master technique by Milda Glebauskaitė


Have you ever inherited someone else's code for a project?

We know it can be overwhelming, however, there is a Golden Master technique! Want to know more about it?

Check out this talk by Software Developer, Milda Glebauskaitė at Scalapeño where you'll be introduced to this technique and how you can implement it.


Writing tests when the code is already there: Golden Master technique

Inheriting someone else’s code is scary. It might be ugly, unreadable and the intentions are not always clear. Especially if there are no tests. How to deal with it? Characterization tests come to the rescue. 

There is no doubt, that test coverage brings safety when refactoring or adding new features to code. However, legacy code tend to be untestable and often we’re stuck in a vicious circle were to test, we must refactor, and to refactor, we have to write tests. The purpose of characterization test known as Golden Master is to minimize the refactoring and maximize the safety in these situations. 

In this session we will learn when and how to apply Golden Master and try to implement it ourselves.


This talk was given by Milda Glebauskaitė at Scalapeño 2018.