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We're Building On Hollowed Foundation by Heather Miller

Architecture Blue Build 162557

Want to know how you can make you open-source better?

At Lambda Days, Heather Miller advised us that those cracks that may have been starting to show can be covered up so that you can help build a better future!


We're Building On Hollowed Foundations: Worrying Trends in Open Source and What You Can Actually Do About It

Open source has won. As little as 5 years ago, the decision faced by many companies building software was whether or not to go with a proprietary database/language/operating system/etc or to choose the open source one. In 2017 we give this shift little thought; nowadays we simply reach for the open source compiler/database/operating system without even considering the closed source, proprietary choices. This is great! Or is it?

As we all happily jump on the open source bandwagon for project after project that we undertake, there are cracks beginning to form in some of the most important open source projects that we've all begun to depend on. 

Open source is in fact in peril in many ways. In this talk, I'll show you a view of open source that you may be completely unaware of, and I will show you some ways that you, whoever you are, can jump in and help begin to build a better future for.



This talk was given by Heather Miller at Lambda Days 2018.