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Videos from Scala in the City at Compare the Market #16

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Are you ready to catch up on all the Scala in the City videos from last week?

It was really interesting to find out more from Greg Dorrell about Fastparse and how it can be implemented within a project and Bruno Bonanno gave us all the Scala frameworks and feature specifics we need to ensure our testing is readable and build for business. Thank you to both speakers!

If you weren't there for the evening then you can find out all the awesome insights below. You'll also still get a sneaky insight into the Compare the Market offices so don't forget to check out our Overview video. 

Let's have a watch...


Scala in the City at Compare the Market


Greg Dorrell - An Introduction to Fastparse

Fastpast is a parser combinator library for Scala, written by the inspiring yet pragmatic Li Haoyi (@li_haoyi). It's used to turn text into structured data. We will take a deeper look at exactly what it is, when it's useful and how my team used it recently to build a tiny Domain Specific Language.

Bruno Bonanno - Writing human readable tests using Scala

We all know the importance of testing, but it is even more important to be sure that our test proves what the business wanted in the first place.
In this talk, we'll explore some Scala language features, frameworks and good practices that will enable us to write tests that a business analyst and/or product owner can read and understand by just looking at the test code, without any extra layer like Gherkin/Cucumber/etc.
For this, I'll show how can we prove that an algorithmic-trading application for cryptocurrencies does what is supposed to do in a human-readable form.