The Last Frontier and Beyond by Valentin Kasas


Are you looking to abstract away your boilerplate code?

If you need to evolve your business model it can be difficult with this code but maybe there is a way to do it! Valentin Kasas at Scalar Conference gave us a way to do this and many more cool things. 


The Last Frontier and Beyond

Have you ever written some boilerplate code for handling your application’s communication with the outside world? You know, that JSON (de)serializer that once was nicely generated at compile-time but broke when you had to evolve your business model. 
Of course you have! 
But there may be a way to abstract away this repetitive, low-value code that sneaks into every project. Maybe it can also allow for our business classes to evolve without breaking compatibility, while keeping the necessary boilerplate to a minimum. Maybe it would even give us many other cool things for free, far beyond mere serialization concerns.
Let’s find out!
This talk was given by  Valentin Kasas at Scalar 2019