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Signify Sunday Reads July 28 Week #4

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It's that time of the week again and we've got our Sunday reads ready for you so let's get stuck in!

Sunday Reads


Our first read is from John A De Goes, Founder of Stealth Start-up. The post is called Prototype ZIO Test.


Our second post is from Dean Sublett, Data Science Intern. This post is called Learning Scala for the Absolute Beginner.


Our third post is from Pavel Fatin, Scala Developer. This post is called IntelliJ Scala Plugin 2019.2: Functional Code Highlighting, Fine-grained Type Diff, Case Clause Completion, Build Server Protocol, and More.


Our fourth read is from Simeon Carstens and Matthias Meschede. This post is called Revelations from Repetition: Source code headers in Haskell and Python.



Our fifth read is from John A De Goes, Founder of Stealth Start-up. This post is called The False Hope of Managing Effects with Tagless-Final in Scala.



Our final post is from Adam Warski, Co-Founder of SoftwareMill. This post is his talk from GeeCON called From annotations to code: describing HTTP endpoints with Tapir.


Don't miss out on all the reads from last week, catch up here.


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