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Seriously, The Haskell Type Checker is Your Friend by J Haigh

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Want to be productive in Haskell?

Identifying and resolving error messages is an essential skill for helping you become productive! In this talk from LambdaConf by J Haigh you'll see some awesome code examples on how to fix GHC type errors. Let's have a watch...


Seriously, The Haskell Type Checker is Your Friend

An essential skill for becoming productive in Haskell is identifying and resolving error messages in GHC. Error messages can be cryptic and hard to overcome when you are a beginner. Often, it's helpful when you have someone walk you through identifying what these error messages mean the first time you encounter them. Some GHC errors will lead beginners astray and they will end up trying to solve a different problem, because they have misinterpreted what the error is pointing to as the issue in their code. 

During this presentation, I will cover GHC type errors by showing code examples and work through, step by step, how to fix these errors. I will have code snippets in the slides to highlight problems. Additionally, I will do some live coding to show which compiler errors we get in GHCi. Code examples will iterate through examples of common beginner mistakes. The presentation will show how a beginner's errors can compound and lead them to misinterpret the problem. It will show attendees these errors are difficult to figure out, but they also have all the tools to debug their code mistakes. 

With a little practice, they'll be explaining errors to new beginners, themselves.


This talk was given by J Haigh at LambdaConf