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Scala 3 Is Coming: Martin Odersky Shares What To Know by Oliver White

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We all love Scala and the many different features of it but wouldn't it be great to know what Martin Odersky's, Creator of Scala, highlights are!

Luckily for us, Lightbend Storyteller Oliver White sat down with Martin to find out exactly what his highlights are. Be prepared for an exciting journey through Dotty to Scala 3.


Created in 2003, Scala has pioneered the fusion of object-oriented and functional programming in a typed setting. In its first redesign since 2010, Scala 3 will be a big step towards realizing the full potential of these ideas, and will go into feature freeze later this year.

Join Dr. Martin Odersky, the creator of Scala and co-founder of Lightbend, on a tour of what is in store and highlight some of his favorite features of Dotty, which will become Scala 3. Specifically, we will review the following in Scala 3:

  • Main objectives - simplify where possible, eliminate inconsistencies and surprising behavior, build on strong foundations to ensure the design hangs well together, consolidate language constructs to improve the language’s consistency, safety, ergonomics, and performance.
  • Best features - while Scala 2 and Scala 3 are fundamentally the same language, there are many new features designed for beginners, for everyday coding, and for Scala experts to explore.
  • Planned roadmap - with Scala 2.13 now released, the intent is to publish Scala 3 final soon after Scala 2.14–which will focus on smoothing the migration to Scala 3—in late-2020.

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This webinar by Oliver White was with Martin Odersky and originally posted on Lightbend.