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Reuniting the family with Eta: Haskell on the JVM by Christophe Calvès

Pexels Photo 1181275

Have you ever used Eta?

If you're a functional programming language fan then you'll be impressed by this talk from Christophe Calvès at ScalaIO. Christophe shows that you don't have to choose between Scala and Haskell as Eta is a Haskell dialect for the JVM and it works great with Scala. Let's see how!


Reuniting the family with Eta: Haskell on the JVM

Scala and Haskell are amazing languages, they share lots of similarities. They are both very advanced functional programming languages with a very rich type system. But they are also different: Scala has sub-typing and Object-Oriented Programming features while Haskell is pure and lazy. So which one should you chose? In this talk, you will see you don't have to! 
This talk presents Eta (, a Haskell dialect for the JVM. We will see that Scala and Haskell programming are very close, but also how Haskell differs from Scala, how to benefit from similarities and differences. We will see you how to use Eta and Scala together, even in the same project, and why this is a great idea!
This talk was given by Christophe Calvès at ScalaIO France