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Metaprogramming in Dotty by Nicolas Stucki

Dominos Dots Fun 585293 (1)

Dotty introduces new simpler and safer metaprogramming language features!

What are these features?

Check out Nicolas Stucki's talk from Scala Days, we definitely think it will be worth your while.


Metaprogramming in Dotty

Scala 2 macros have been a great success in the community. Unfortunately, their design is tightly linked to the Scala 2 compiler internals which makes them incompatible with Dotty and hence Scala 3. With new technologies such as Typed Abstract Syntax Trees (TASTy) files, we redesigned the macros to not depend on the compiler internals.

Dotty also introduces exciting new simpler and safer metaprogramming language features. The core being the new inline methods, quotes '(...) and splices ~(...). All this while still having the possibility of interacting with tree reflection when needed.

This talk was given by Nicolas Stucki at Scala Days 2019.