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Helping the Trussell Trust to end UK Hunger

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At Signify, we know how fortunate we are to have roofs over our heads and food to eat however, unfortunately not everyone is this lucky and this is something the Trussell Trust are fighting to change. 

The Trussell Trust supports a nationwide network of food banks in order to provide emergency food to those locked in poverty as well as campaigning to end the need for food banks. Currently, in the UK there are more than 14 million people who are living in poverty and with around 66 million people in the UK, altogether, this means that 21% of people are not living in pleasant conditions. 

We want to be part of helping fight this and reduce this huge percentage of poverty.

Therefore, recently the Signify team started a 'Signify Food Bank' in our office and we all chipped in to provide tins of beans, soup and anything else the Trussell Trust required. We bagged up all the food and took it along to our local food bank where they work hard to ensure that they can provide people with everything they need.

Although it was a small part of what this charity does, we are glad to have given a helping hand. 

From chickpeas to cup-a-soup, we donated it all!

The work that the Trussell Trust do is incredible and without them, many people in the UK would be unable to survive. 

If you want to read more about the Trussell Trust and how you might be able to help, read here.