Blur Bright Celebration 955792

Dispelling magic behind Concurrency in FP by Piotr Gawryś

Blur Bright Celebration 955792

The concurrency model in Functional Programming and JVM can be difficult to learn with many terms however why are they important?

Piotr Gawryś at flatMap Oslo helped us to dispel some of the magic and dig deeper to answer our questions!


Dispelling magic behind Concurrency in FP

Using IO Monads for concurrency gains a lot of recognition in Scala. However, Functional Programming and JVM’s concurrency model can be challenging to learn and the learning resources are lacking. There are many terms like green threads, thread shifting, or fairness thrown around but what are these and why should we keep them in mind? 
Let’s dispel some of the magic, answer these questions and see how they relate to each other and Functional Programming!
This talk was given by Piotr Gawryś at flatMap Oslo.