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An Introduction to Fastparse by Greg Dorrell

Chicago Fast Light Streaks 2622848

Were you at Scala in the City last month?

Senior Scala Engineer, Greg Dorrell gave us a really fascinating talk on Fastparse and how it can be integrated into every-day projects! Why is Fastparse useful? 

If you check out his talk then you'll find out, so have a watch to see how it could help you. 


An Introduction to Fastparse

Fastparse is a parser combinator library for Scala, written by the inspiring yet pragmatic Li Haoyi (@li_haoyi). It's used to turn text into structured data. We will take a deeper look at exactly what it is, when it's useful and how my team used it recently to build a tiny Domain Specific Language.


This talk was given by Greg Dorrell at Scala in the City 2019