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A Tour of Scala 3 by Martin Odersky

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We've been waiting to hear this talk!

Scala 3 is on its way but what's in store for us? Creator of Scala, Martin Odersky at Scala Days took us on a Scala 3 tour, highlighting some of his favourite features. You'll really want to check this out...


A Tour of Scala 3

Scala 3 is shaping up and will go into feature freeze later this year. I want to take you on a tour what is in store and highlight some of my favourite features of the language.

About Martin Odersky

Martin Odersky is the inventor of the Scala language, a professor at EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland, and a founder of Lightbend. His work concentrates on the fusion of functional and object-oriented programming. He believes the two paradigms are two sides of the same coin, to be unified as much as possible. To prove this, he has worked on a number of language designs, from Pizza to GJ to Functional Nets. 

He has also influenced the development of Java as a co-designer of Java generics and as the original author of the current javac reference compiler.