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Thanks for coming along!

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We hope you enjoyed Scala in the City!

Gaining the chance to see inside the Compare the Market offices last night was awesome as they work with so many modern technologies, seeking out new ways to stay at the forefront of the market and deliver world-class solutions to their customers. 

Thank you so much to Greg Dorrell and Bruno Bonanno for coming along to speak for us. It was really interesting to find out more about Fastparse from Greg and how it can be implemented into a programming project as well as Bruno teaching us how the different features and frameworks of Scala can help us to write tests. We hope you got value out of both talks. 

We will have the videos over to you ready to watch very soon but whilst you wait, check out the slides from Bruno's talk below.

Make sure to stay posted for the next meet-up by signing up here, we have a very exciting speaker lined-up...


Writing human readable tests using Scala

We all know the importance of testing, but it is even more important to be sure that our test proves what the business wanted in the first place.
In this talk, we'll explore some Scala language features, frameworks and good practices that will enable us to write tests that a business analyst and/or product owner can read and understand by just looking at the test code, without any extra layer like Gherkin/Cucumber/etc.
For this, I'll show how can we prove that an algorithmic-trading application for cryptocurrencies does what is supposed to do in a human-readable form.