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Signify Sunday Reads June 16 Week #3

Book Stack Books Classic 158834

Happy Sunday!

We've got our Sunday Reads ready for you and with Scala Days celebrating 10 Years of Scala there is so much content to check out, enjoy catching up.



Sunday Reads


Our first read is from Cesar Bretana Gonzalez, Full Stack Software Engineer. The post is called You can learn NodeJS: Part 1. 


Our second read is from Seth Tisue, Senior Software Engineer. This talk is the release summary of Scala 2.13.0.


Our third post is from DevInsideYou. This post is called Homegrown #Scala Collections - Part 33 - Ordered Collections.



Our fourth post is from Martin Odersky, Creator of Scala. This post is his slides from his talk at Scala Days called A Tour of Scala 3.


Our fifth post is from Alex Archambault, Software Engineer. This post is his slides from his talk at Scala Days called All the fancy things you can do with flexible dependency management.



Our final read is from Adam WarskiSoftwareMill Co-Founder. This post is called sttp, curl, request logging and functional programming.


Don't miss out on all the reads from last week, catch up here.


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