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Signify Sports Day: Who were the winners?

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So we know it's not all about winning (well we try not to think this way) but when the games came out last Friday for our annual sports day, we can't say it didn't get us into the competitive spirit!

At Signify we enjoy getting out of the office together whenever we can and taking part in team activities, not only is it fun for but it's a great way for us all to de-stress.

The recruitment industry can be an intense environment so we know how important it is to make sure we have a good work-life balance. Incorporating sports day into our yearly plan began last year when we decided that it would be an awesome team bonding activity also anything to help improve our fitness is positive!

According to the report, which was based on a survey of 2315 UK employees, one in three (33%) UK workers said that a company hobby or sport-related perk would make them happier at work.


Therefore, last Friday we all donned our most rainbow coloured clothes since it is Pride Month we thought we should make the most of it, and off we went ready to get stuck into our favourite old-school sports day activities. From an egg and spoon race to a group game of rounders we had it all and we are so proud of our team for taking part, regardless of their level of fitness. 

Why is it so important to install initiatives such as these in the workplace?

We all know how easy it is to get stuck in your work and start to feel burnt out, this, unfortunately, is not effective for the business or employees. However, small ideas such as workplace sports day bring many benefits. 

  • Team bonding - Whether you have new employees or as a large company it can be hard to get to know everyone, this gives people a chance to speak to others who they may not have crossed paths with previously.
  • Healthy and fun competition - A sports day can be filled with silly activities that you don't have to take too seriously, it creates a healthy competition between each other and you can all have a laugh together.
  • It boosts productivity - We all know that exercise boosts productivity levels, therefore, encouraging it as a team will definitely bring benefit to working hours. 
Have you ever held a workplace sports day?

Well done to the team for all their efforts and we can announce the winners were...

Alexandra Breslin 
Nathan Davis