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Literal types what they are good for by Tamer Abdulradi

Pexels Photo 356079

What techniques are necessary for making use of singleton types?

Along the way, Software Engineer, Tamer AbdulRadi has built libraries himself and learnt about other great ones! In this talk at Scala Days Berlin, Tamer showed us interesting of use-cases with code examples.

Let's find out what they are good for...


Literal types what they are good 

Thanks to SIP-23, we will soon be able to write literals in type positions! Which definitely makes it convenient to do type level operations on arbitrary strings or numbers, making use of the powers of the type system.

In this talk, I'll show some use-cases along with code examples from libraries I've built myself, as well as other libraries built by the awesome community. Pointing out concepts, libraries, and techniques necessary for making use of singleton types that I wish I knew earlier.
This talk was given by Tamer AbdulRadi at Scala Days Berlin 2018.