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Kotlin 102 Beyond the Basics by Hadi Hariri

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In this talk, you'll get all the great bits of information you might not see in a 101 talk!

At Lambda World, VP of Developer Advocacy, Hadi Hariri went beyond the basics with Kotlin. Check this out and you'll gain insight on covariance and contravariance with generics and the secrets of inline functions.

Kotlin 102 Beyond the Basics

This talk is about covering language aspects and idioms that you usually don’t see in a 101 talk. Among other things we'll understand covariance and contravariance with generics, learn about the secrets of inline functions in Kotlin and how combining them with reified generics we can work around type erasure on the JVM. We'll dive into lazy evaluation with sequences, use delegation to leverage code reuse and understand lambdas with receivers better to create our own DSL's. 

Finally, we'll dive into co-routines and see how this powerful concept allows us to deal with concurrency and asynchronous programming, and its difference to languages such as C# or Java.

This talk was given by Hadi Hariri at Lambda World Cadiz.