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The Future of Scala by Jon Pretty

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What's to come for Scala 3?

With some exciting new features, Jon Pretty explored different strategies for upgrading existing code to Scala 3 at ScalaIO. Don't worry, you'll also get some insight into Fury as well!


The Future of Scala

Scala 3 is going to bring a variety of exciting new features to Scala developers. But the road ahead for existing Scala 2.x projects may be bumpy as we come up against the challenges of migrating an entire ecosystem to a new compiler and binary format. 
We will explore some of the best new features in Scala 3, with a particular focus on its new metaprogramming features, which will replace Scala 2's macros, and we will explore different strategies for upgrading existing code to Scala 3. 
Finally, I will present Fury, an experimental build tool which can compile mixed Scala 2 and 3 projects, and which will offer some advanced cross-building features which should go a long way to easing the transition to Scala 3 while the two major versions of the language coexist.

This talk was given by Jon Pretty at ScalaIO France