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Signify Sunday Reads May 26 Week #4

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We're back again with our weekly Sunday Reads.

This week we have an array of content from Scala to Haskell, it's all here, so get relaxed and get stuck into the reads!

Sunday Reads

Our first read is from the scalajs-bundler. The post is called Changelog Version 0.15.0.

Our second read is from Pavel Fatin, Senior Software Engineer. This post is called Combine IntelliJ IDEA with Hydra for the Fastest Scala Development Experience.

Our third post is from Adam Gordon Bell, Software Developer, it is a CoRecursive Podcast. This podcast is called Refinement Types with Niki Vazou.

Our fourth post is from Scala Process. This post is the video SIP meeting 20th May 2019 on Batch 6 discussion

Our fifth read is from Michał Matłoka, Senior Software Engineer. This post is called 6 reasons why not to use Akka Cluster for interservice communication in a microservice architecture.

Our final post is from Brent Yorgey, Assistant Professor of Computer Science. This post is called Competitive Programming in Haskell: Scanner.

Don't miss out on all the reads from last week, catch up here.

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