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Signify Sunday Reads June 2 Week #1

Books Indoors Pages 45717

Happy Sunday!

Whether you've had a busy week or it's been quieter than ever, you can now just relax and enjoy our Sunday Reads. We're back again with all our favourite content on Scala, Haskell, Monads and more, so let's get reading. 


Sunday Reads


Our first read is from the Mateusz Kubuszok, Scala Developer. The post is called IO monad: which, why and how.


Our second post is from Jon Pretty, Scala Programmer at the Scala Matters Meet-up. This talk is called How I Rebuilt the Typelevel Ecosystem with Fury.


Our third read is from Oleg Nizhnik, Scala Developer. This post is called Tagless unions in scala 2.12.


Our fourth read is from Mark Galea, Software Engineer. This post is called Performant Functional Programming to the max with ZIO.


Our fifth post is from Haskell Weekly, did you know that it's now a podcast? Make sure you check out the latest episode called Profiling performance.


Our final post is our Q&A interview with SoftwareMill Co-Founder, Adam Warski. In the interview, we find out where the inspiration for SoftwareMill came, Adam's journey with programming and more, check it out: Signify catch-up with Adam Warski, SoftwareMill CTO.


Don't miss out on all the reads from last week, catch up here.


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