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Scala's Road Ahead by Martin Odersky

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Although this talk from Martin Odersky at Scala Days may be a throwback, we think it's always interesting to look back and reflect.

Things were heating up for Scala when Martin Odersky gave this talk so let's check out whether Scala is where Martin thought it would be!


Scala Days Keynote: Scala's Road Ahead

After a fairly quiet 2015, things are heating up this year. To name just three major developments among many: A major new release, Scala 2.12, is about to be completed. The Scala Center provides a new focus point for community collaboration. And there's a new experimental platform, dotty, which lets us prototype designs for the next generation of the language. 
In my talk I'd like to look a bit further ahead and focus on where I see Scala in the next 5 years, touching topics like: What is Scala's unique identity as a programming language? How should it evolve? What exciting new technologies are on the horizon?

This talk was given by Martin Oderksy at Scala Days Berlin 2016.