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Learning FP concepts for greater good by Paweł Szulc

Pexels Photo 239898

As our Scala workshop has now been announced and it is being held by the impressive Paweł Szulc, we thought it would only be right to give a throwback to one of his conference talks.

Check out Paweł's talk on how we can tackle real-world problems using FP at LambdaConf, it's a good one!


Learning FP concepts for greater good

This talk is designed for all those interested in learning Functional Programming, to tackle real world problems that they stamp upon every day at work. Functional Programming brings sanity to our industry as it gives you ability to handle complexity with modular & composable code. Keep in mind however that Functional Programming is not a magic wand that will suddenly make complexity disappear. 
If your problem is relatively difficult, simple immutable data structures and function composition will not suffice. Complexity is hard, simplicity is however not easy. Good news is: all problems you've encountered have been solved decades ago. Knowing them will prevent you from rediscovering the wheel.

This talk was given by Paweł Szulc at LambdaConf.



Have you heard about the new Scala workshop? 

Paweł Szulc will be conducting a 'Scala Beginners Workshop' for all engineers interested in learning the programming language. It is is an extensive 2 days course aiming to level-up developers who want to gain practical knowledge of the Scala programming language.

No prior knowledge of the language is required, however, we assume that you have a programming background.

The workshop is designed in such a way, that you will gain knowledge of the language syntax but also you will step into "the Scala mindset". Getting that intuition is important for further expanding your knowledge or when dealing with a variety of Scala libraries.