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Adopting Cats by Ron Aharoni

Bookstore College Cover 261821

There is a big gap between learning about functional concepts and using them in production but don't worry as Software Developer, Ron Aharoni helps us bridge that gap!

In this talk by Ron at Scalapeño he presents problems and then solutions to these using the awesome library Cats.


Adopting Cats

There comes a time in every Scala developer’s life when they decide to stop writing Java code using Scala syntax. After that, you wonder what’s next. One of the first stops is a functional programming library like Cats or Scalaz. 
The problem is that there’s a big gap between learning about functional concepts like Monoids and Monads, and actually using them in production. 
I will present several use cases we encountered, explain the problems they incorporate, and show how we used the Cats type classes to solve them. 
The talk will highlight how constraining your types in terms of type classes helps building cleaner, more generic and more testable code.


This talk was given by Ron Aharoni at Scalapeño 2018