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Videos from Scala in the City at Springer Nature #14

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We learnt so much at Scala in the City last week and we now have the videos from both the talks to share with you!

Xiayun Sun gave us a really fun talk on Automatic differentiation and Adam Warski told us all about Tapirs, there was live coding, challenges solved and more.

Catch up on all the content below and we can't wait to see you all next month.


An overview of Scala in the City at Springer Nature



Xiayun Sun - Automatic differentiation in Scala


Most modern deep learning methods rely on gradient descent during training, where the gradient is usually calculated for a complex chain of operations. It turns out there is a generic method to derive this gradient, achieving "automatic differentiation", and functional language like Scala is well suited for this task. 
In this talk, I will explain what automatic differentiation is, how to model it in Scala.

Adam Warski - Descriptions, APIs and Tapirs

It might seem that defining HTTP APIs in Scala is a solved problem. Or is it? Tasks such as generating Swagger documentation or auto-generating clients have always been a challenge. 
Let's fix this! We'll apply an approach of separating the **description** of a problem from its **interpretation**. This has proven to be a powerful tool in other domains (e.g. modeling side effects or database access), so let's see how it works for HTTP APIs. 
In this **live-coding** talk we'll go through the main features of [Tapir](, discuss some of the design decisions and challenges, demonstrate the type-safety and how it impacts the "approachability" aspect of the API.