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Signify Sunday Reads March 17 Week #3

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Happy Sunday!

After a long week of work, you can relax and catch up on all the Scala content from this week. Check out the reads below...

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Sunday Reads

Our first post is a CoRecursive Podcast from Adam Gordon Bell with Richard Whaling. The podcast is called Modern Systems Programming And Scala Native With Richard Whaling.

Our second read is from John De Goes, Founder at Stealth Startup. This post is called The Functional Scala Concurrency Challenge.

Our third read is from Gabriel Volpe, FP Software Engineer. This post is called Context bound vs Implicit evidence: Performance.

Our fourth read is from Shadaj Laddad, Software Engineering Intern. This post is called Machine Learning with Scala in Google Colaboratory.

Our fifth read is from Andrzej Gustyn, Software Engineer. This post is called Introduction to logging in Scala

Our final read is from Michał Sitko, Senior Backend Engineer. This post is called Replace JSON with Dhall: DynamoDB case study.

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Job of the week!

This is a fantastic opportunity to join a market leading financial analytics organisation based in the heart of London. 

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