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Clojure: Unleash the power within by Renzo Borgatti

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Clojure celebrated being 11 years and it has continually improved!

What are the awesome tools that have been built on top of Clojure's solid foundations? At F(by) Conference, Software Developer, Renzo Borgatti showed just how much power can be achieved. 


Clojure: Unleash the power within

Clojure just celebrated its 11th birthday and it went a long way from being yet another Lisp into a complete and flourishing programming ecosystem. Today we have amazing tools built on top of Clojure's solid foundations: ClojureScript, Core.Async, Core.Spec, Transducers, Core.Logic, Tools.Analyzer and much more. 
In this talk, I want to explore what Clojure has to offer and illustrate how much power you can achieve once you embrace the power of Lisp.
This talk was given by Renzo Borgatti at F(by) Conference 2019.