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Towards Scala 3 - A Status Report by Martin Odersky

Pexels Photo 1061140

It's not long until the release of Scala 3!

Want to know where it currently stands? Well, you can find out from Martin Odersky himself, check out this talk given by Martin Odersky at ScalaIO and stay in the know.


Towards Scala 3 - A Status Report

Scala 3 is around the corner. 
We plan to go into feature freeze next year and release the year after. The goal of Scala 3 is to achieve a simpler, more regular, and more expressive version of the language. Many of its features are already in place but there also remains a lot to do. 
My talk will give an overview on where we stand now, what next steps are planned, and how you can prepare for the change and help shape the future of the ecosystem.
This talk was given by Martin Odersky at ScalaIO FR.