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Starting from Scratch with Scala Native by Richard Whaling

Pexels Photo 733854

Examine real-world programming problems with Senior Software Engineer, Richard Whaling.

In this talk at Scala Days New York, Richard helped us to learn just how accessible low-level programming can be with Scala.

Starting from Scratch with Scala Native

In this talk, we'll learn how Scala Native uses POSIX and ANSI C API's to build concise, expressive programs that run unusually close to bare metal. By examining real-world programs, we'll learn just how accessible and expressive low-level programming can be with a modern language like Scala.

About Richard Whaling

Richard Whaling is a data engineering consultant based in Chicago. He's currently working on a book about Scala Native, due to be released in 2018, and has contributed to the 0.2 and 0.3 releases of Scala Native. He is passionate about communicating deep technical concepts in an engaging and accessible way.

This talk was given by Richard Whaling at Scala Days New York 2018.