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Signify Sunday Reads March 3 Week #1

Pexels Photo 267586

Happy Sunday!

It's been another great week for Functional Programming and Scala content, so we have picked out our highlights to deliver to you in a handy top reads list. We hope you enjoy.



Sunday Reads


Our first read is from Nicolas Rinaudo, CTO of Besedo. The post is called Scala Best Practices.


Our second read is from Riccardo Cardin, Senior Software Developer. This post is called It's a Kind of Magic: Kinds in Type Theory.


Our third read is from Alex Heres. This post is called Scala Programming: An Introduction.


Our fourth read is from Quick Code. This post is called Top Tutorials To Learn Scala.


Our fifth read is from Roberto Rodriguez. This post is called Sysmon Security Event Processing in Real Time with KSQL and HELK


Our final read is from Stephen Samuel, Scala Tech Lead. This post is called Apache Pulsar Scala Client.



Don't miss out on all the reads from last week, catch up here.


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