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Signify Sunday Reads March 10 Week #2

Pexels Photo 46274

We're back again to bring you your weekly dose of inspiring Functional Programming content!

So if you feel like you didn't get enough Scala and Haskell knowledge this week then we have enough to keep you going for this week.



Sunday Reads


Our first read is from ThousandEyes Engineering. The post is called Kafka Topics: Pitfalls and Insights.


Our second read is from Jos Dirksen, Full-stack developer. This post is called Scala/Kotlin developer learning Haskell - Part 1 - Rest endpoint with JSON.


Our third read is from Igor Bobriakov, Data Scientist. This post is called Comparison of top data science libraries for Python, R and Scala [Infographic].


Our fourth read is from Christophe Calvès, Software Engineer. This post is called Object-Oriented Programming 101.


Our fifth read is from Sandy Maguire, Software Engineer. This post is called Freer Monads, More Better Programs


Our final read is from Francisco (Paco) Estévez, Software Engineer. This post is called State of the functional ecosystem in Kotlin: Mid 2018 checkup.



Don't miss out on all the reads from last week, catch up here.


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