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Signify Sunday Reads February 3 Week #1

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It's Sunday and we are ready to inform you about all things Functional Programming.

Whether you prefer Scala, Haskell or another language we've gathered all the best content we've seen this week for you to browse over, so check it out and happy reading!


Sunday Reads


Our first read is from Juan Manuel Méndez, Senior Software Engineer. The post is called The Traverse Typeclass: Use cases in Kotlin with Arrow.


Our second read is from Madhukara Phatak, Big Data Consultant. This post is called Scala Developer Journey into Rust - Part 2: Type Inference.


Our third read is from Li Haoyi, Software Engineer. The post is called Compact, Streaming Pretty-Printing of Hierarchical Data.


Our fourth read is from Linas Medziunas, Software Engineer. This post is called Scala: comprehending the for-comprehension


Our fifth post is from Adam Gordon Bell, Senior Scala Engineer. This is a CoRecursive podcast called Burn out and Recreational Coding with Jamis Buck.


Our final read is from Oleksandr Oleksiv, Frontend Developer. This post is called Handle side-effects with Redux-Saga.


Catch up on all the content from last week here! Catch up here.


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