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Signify Sunday Reads February 24 Week #4

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It's finally time for Sunday Reads again!

This week we have an array of really interesting content from inspiring contributors such as Vladimir PavkinÓlafur Páll Geirsson and more. So get settled and get stuck into another edition of our Signify Sunday reads.



Sunday Reads

Our first read is from Gabriel Volpe, FP Software Engineer. The post is called Split Monomorphisms.


Our second read is from Eugene Yokota, Software Engineer. This post is called running sbt on Docker.


Our third post is from Anatolii Kmetiuk, Software Engineer. This is a webinar called Introduction to Type Classes.


Our fourth read is from Vladimir Pavkin, Scala Developer. This post is called Aecor — Purely functional event sourcing in Scala. Part 6.


Our fifth read is from Lutz Hühnken, Senior Consultant. This post is called Don't Use Await.result!


Our final read is from Ólafur Páll Geirsson, Software Engineer. This post is called Implement hover, completions and signature help.



Don't miss out on all the reads from last week, catch up here.


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