Scala Based Services Resilience In The Real World by Bartosz Jankiewicz


Building one of the biggest e-commerce systems can't have been easy and there will have been many lessons learnt!

At Scalar 2018, Team Leader Bartosz Jankiewicz talked about the different Scala tools they used along the way.


Scala Based Services Resilience In The Real World

At Ocado we need to orchestrate tens of micro-services. In my team we have been using Scala stack for the past few years to successfully deliver quality products to our customers. I would like to bring some lessons we have learnt when building one of the biggest e-commerce systems. The lessons include some known patterns and principles applied to service communication such as timeouts, retries, circuit-breakers, speculative tasks. 
I will present the caveats of services communication along with the methods of detecting the issues and Scala tools we used to address them including AWS Beanstalk, Akka, Monix, Sttp and more.

About Bartosz Jankiewicz 

I'm a technical team leader at Ocado Technology working with the team of great devlopers. We are working on the next generation e-commerce platform for Ocado Group using Scala. I've been a contributor to Open Source projects such as Reactive Neo, Phantom DSL. I have been working with students research groups at Technical University in Wroclaw presenting various topics. I was a presenter at Scalapolis and Code Forward.

This talk was given by Bartosz Jankiewicz at Scalar 2018.