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Introduction to Kafka Streaming by Lindsey Dew & Omnia Ibrahim

Pexels Photo 1229846

There has been a rise of data-driven projects and streaming big volumes of data has become critical!

At Scala in the City, Data Engineers, Lindsey Dew and Omnia Ibrahim introduced us to Kafka Streams with Scala code examples, showing us problems they have faced and how they have solved them.


Introduction to Kafka Streaming

The last few years we've witnessed the rise of data-driven projects, with Apache Kafka leading the charge for streaming big volumes of data. In this session Omnia and Lindsey will introduce you to Kafka Streams. They will be sharing with you Scala code examples, demonstrations of use-cases they have at Deliveroo, the problems they faced, how they solved them, and the lessons they've learned.


This talk was given by Lindsey Dew & Omnia Ibrahim at Scala in the City hosted by Monzo.