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Have you got the first day fear?

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We have all been there with the thought of stepping into your new workplace and the worry that often comes with it. However, the Signify team are here for you and want to help make it a much less intimidating process!

Everyone one of us has been in the situation of being new to a company. As recruiters, helping people feel comfortable and excited about starting their new opportunity is something we are used to dealing with on a regular basis so we have pulled together a few of our favourite tips which we have found to be the most useful for easing into a new role.


Introduce yourself

It might sound obvious but be the one to make the first move and introduce yourself to those in the company, it is often the best way to make a great impression with your colleagues. Think of it like ripping off a plaster, the quicker you do it then the quicker it is over with and you don’t have to worry about any more awkward introductions.

Why not prepare in advance what you are going to say? Even if it’s just a couple of lines it will make you feel a lot more relaxed to have a plan of conversation that you can go along with.

Remember to be enthusiastic, make it obvious you are glad to be there and if you appear bright and happy you will usually find you receive the same response.


Ask questions

It’s a new job, environment and with new projects so nobody is expecting you to know everything. Ask the questions you want to know the answers to as it’s the only way you’ll find out what you need to know. When there is a new member of the team people are usually much open to being a helping hand, also it shows you are keen to learn and be well-informed on the role.

Ask if your manager has any expectations of you within your first month, it is good to be able to start your new role with a plan on how to settle in and how you can start adding value.


Take notes

Nobody can remember everything so take along a notepad and write down key information including names of those in your team and people who you may need to deal with on a regular basis.

Take note of your questions, during your introduction you will probably find that questions may pop up so write them down and at an appropriate time you then can go through them with your manager and get all the answers you need. Also, you will most likely find that you refer back to these notes further down the line as once you settle in you may be distracted by bigger tasks so knowing all the basics will be an added benefit.


Befriend someone

Now that you’ve introduced yourself to everyone, ask one of your colleagues if they want to grab lunch. Going outside of the workplace allows both of you to chat in a much more friendly and personable way, you have the time to find out more about them and remember to take the time to tell them more about yourself.

You may find you have things in common, this is especially helpful if you have had to relocate and you are new to the area. They may know the best restaurants and bars or even social clubs which you can get involved in.


Be ready to adapt

Starting a new job you are bound to encounter a lot of change, including the environment, the people, the tasks and possibly the travel so be prepared to adapt to those differences. This is an exciting new venture for you and keep in your mind how this is going to have a positive effect on your life. It brings new challenges which you can do an awesome job of overcoming, you will develop your skills through learning and it's another impressive position on your CV.
In order to improve ourselves, we need to go through change so be ready to adapt and enjoy the journey.

The first day is over...

You’ve made it! 

You have successfully gotten over the obstacle of the first day so now you can really start the motions to settling into your new role.


Now that you’re settled, set a new challenge for yourself

Set yourself some ambitious goals you would like to achieve and break them down into how you are going to accomplish them.

Have you noticed that there is something you would like to implement? Or maybe there is something you would like to help your team with. Whatever is it, as long as it is in-line with your work priorities then get started on ticking them off!


Good luck!


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